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February 2020 Butterfly Crystal Grid

February 2020 Butterfly Crystal Grid

This current crystal grid was specially designed for your Sacred Activation. Comprised of clear quartz, rose quartz, and malachite, this particular grid is all about heart healing. You may use this grid at any time to support your healing journey and to connect to the Divine for love and support.

grid for heart healing and radiant transformation toward destiny
— February 2020

How to use this grid for healing

• Rest your eyes on the grid and allow its healing energies to travel into your heart. The grid is designed to help your heart open and drink its energies like a soothing tonic, repairing any tears and scars and filling any spaces with love and support from the Divine.

• You may rest your eyes on this grid at any time and for however long you feel called to do so. Please feel free to save the above crystal grid onto your phone or computer for your convenience.

• Allow the healing to work through you. Do take care of your body and energy levels as the activation moves through you and brings old energies to the surface for clearing.

• As you rest your eyes on the grid and in the hours/days after, embed the below mantra within your heart:

i am loved, safe and supported while i heal and transform. my soul brilliance is ready to burst forth.

Specifically, this grid was designed to support you in many different ways:

Rose quartz and malachite are the most powerful heart healing stones. Combined with clear quartz, the energy is even more amplified. This particular grid is very soothing whilst being very robust and activating at the same time.

• Healing the deepest chambers of your heart, areas which are unchartered territory
This grid helps you relax all the way down to the root level of your fears in a way that is soft and gentle. The energies help you feel safe in opening your heart for this gentle excavation, allowing the old roots to be loosened to the surface.

• Guiding you toward a fundamental identity shift
This grid helps you to shift from your old or existing identity into a state that is more free of identity. This means you will experience fewer attachments to the expectations you have of yourself. As you integrate more of your Higher Self into your physical state, it will become more natural for you to move toward Oneness, where souls don’t have personalities or identities per se, but that we are simply made of Love.

• Embracing your fears and feel unconditional acceptance for all that is
Healing is blocked when we push against the truth of how we really feel. This grid invites you to warmly embrace all of the negative thoughts or unacceptable parts you feel about yourself. By resting your eyes on the grid and allowing its energies to move through you, you will begin to feel not only acceptance for all that is, but also feel positive about this ‘negativity.’ We can grow to feel positive about the ‘negatives’ because it can be a joy to heal.

• Radiating love from the inside out
This grid has so much inner beauty energy within it. It invites the heart to become soothed with love. It then calls you to gently expand this loving beauty outward — first toward the outermost layers of your auric field and then out into your world. Even though you may be hurting right now, it doesn’t stop your soul and inner beauty from shining still. This grid connects you to your inner radiance and helps you feel replenished by your own Source energy. Then it is your choice when and where and to share this exquisite soul energy with those around you.

• Feeling Divine sweetness and softness whilst enduring through and clearing emotional pain
Healing pain can sometimes feel very daunting and unending, but this grid assists you in connecting a part of the Divine that is very sweet. This sweetness helps lighten the heavy and dense energies of old pain or trauma, and it also promises that there is a rainbow at the end of the road. If you’ve not known healing to feel sweet, lighthearted or gentle, this grid will assist you to shift into a lighter method for healing.

• Trusting in Divine Order and God is in charge
Transformation and growth can feel very uncomfortable and challenging, but this grid assures you that however difficult it may feel, it is guided by the Divine. Whether you feel your healing is too slow, too fast, or is not happening at the right time, it is indeed unfolding in accordance with your higher self, universal laws, Divine timing, and for your highest path and purpose. Although the energies of this grid are soft and gentle, it also has a “God is in charge” energy, which your heavy heart can relax upon. This grid helps you know that you are loved, protected, and watched over and that it is safe for you to relax into this mysterious, unknown journey, even if you feel lost.

• Sensing your butterfly wings being formed
Even if you don’t feel free, ready, nor powerful yet, this grid helps you connect to the feeling that your butterfly wings are already there energetically. Your potential for transformation always exists and is patiently awaiting for you.

• Trusting that you are powerful, perfect, beautiful, strong, and destined
The butterfly is a graceful creature with a complex and delicate birthing and transformation process. This grid assures you that your soul is intelligent, the Divine is intelligent, and even if this transformation process looks and feels messy, your spiritual rebirth will nonetheless be radiant, magical, and pefect.

• Opening a portal to connect Heaven and Earth, through your heart
Our heart is an intelligent system that lives in both worlds. If we were to go astray, its messages, wisdom and feelings continually guide us back to the Divine whilst also helping us translate this Divine guidance to navigate on Earth. It is as if the heart is a dual GPS system. We receive intuitive nudges or flashes of insight about where we would like to go, while the body is the piece that takes physical action. This grid opens, balances, and nurtures the communication that occurs from Heaven to your heart, and from your heart to your body. The energies assist you in feeling safe to trust the callings from your heart intelligence. Intuitive messages and guidance are amplified at this time.

In our next Butterfly Crystal Grid Sacred Activation, we will work to ground your heart into the Earth.

I trust this Butterfly Crystal Grid shall bring you all of the love and healing that you need at this time. Please post your comments and experiences below. If you would like to share your thoughts with me privately, please feel safe to contact me.

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