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March 2020 Butterfly Crystal Grid

March 2020 Butterfly Crystal Grid

This current crystal grid was specially designed for your Sacred Activation. Comprised of clear quartz, rose quartz, green aventurine, herkimer diamond, and moldavite, this particular grid is all about making radical and speedy changes in your life. You may use this grid at any time to support your creative journey and to connect to the Divine for inspiration, love and support.

grid for unbridled adventure: the most fun and success you can have on earth
— March 2020

How to use this grid for healing

• Rest your eyes on the grid and allow its healing energies to travel into your heart. The grid is designed to activate accelerated transformation within you.

• You may rest your eyes on this grid at any time and for however long you feel called to do so. Please feel free to save the above crystal grid onto your phone or computer for your convenience.

• Allow the healing to work through you. Do take care of your body and energy levels as the activation moves through you and brings old energies to the surface for clearing.

• As you rest your eyes on the grid and in the hours/days after, embed the below mantra within your heart:

I am worthy and capable of radical transformation toward true love and lasting success.

Specifically, this grid was designed to support you in many different ways:

This month is all about breaking out of your comfort zone into the territory of radical change, radical action, and radical transformation. Moldavite is all about a divine push — acceleration of all your dreams and intentions into action. These energies are amplified by the clear quartz and herkimer diamond, which also ensures that the acceleration and radical changes you’re experiencing aren’t just from your ego but are from divine guidance. The rose quartz also enables you to dive into radical changes while feeling love and support from the divine and from yourself. Finally, I added green aventurine so that these radical changes don’t seem scary, but carry the energy of fun, adventure, happiness, and good luck.

And in fact, there is nothing radical about being radical. Miracles are performed daily which are regular occurrences.

• Allowing the acceleration from the universe with purity of intentions
This grid is about leaving the mind at rest while you give way to your soul guiding you through radical transformation. You are encouraged to ride the waves and also give your power over to the waves — don’t try to control the tides or how high you might surf! There is safety built into this grid: the rose quartz will keep your heart stable and the green aventurine adds the bit of good luck. There are no scary changes here — only huge and happy ones!

• The ‘craziness’ of your dreams and ideas will finally seem normal
The combination of crystals in this grid helps to validate the dreams and visions you’ve always had for yourself but your fears may have deemed too big or unrealistic. These crystals say: “Your dreams are the right size. Your dreams are perfect. Where you want to go is perfect. What you dream of is real. Trust and know.”

• Have positive expectations for all is divinely guided and lucky
You are ready for whatever radical changes you are thinking of in your life. Previously, it may not have been the right time, but the right time is here. Whatever you’re sensing for yourself will turn out with positive outcomes. Luck is on your side because your actions and this acceleration is guided by the divine — not from your head or ego.

• A luxurious feeling and manifestation of deepest desires
Your soul is nourished by the energies of luxury. This grid acknowledges this desire of yours to have a more luxurious existence — whether in your physical life or with your emotional life. Luxurious energies are very high vibrational — uncluttered with unnecessary thoughts and unclouded by fear or judgment. To be able to live in a high vibration is indeed a luxurious existence. This grid supports your soaring into the higher energies so that you can live in luxury from the inside out.

• Developing a new relationship with your power
This grid marks a turning point in your life. Within this month of March 2020, there was life before this and life after this. Before March, there was less power, clarity, synchronicity and a “can do” attitude. After March, divine power becomes your power. All of these energies become more rooted within you and this confidence and power feel like a part of you. You will be developing a new relationship with your power as it teaches you its ability to expand, its current limits, what you are capable of, where your power most flourishes, and where it can still flourish even further.

• Anchoring in your heart
These radical changes that you are being encouraged to make are strongly anchored within your heart. These aren’t just rash decisions that you are making. They have come after a period of intense reflection, healing, and divine revelation. Because this is so anchored into your heart, you will feel safe to make these changes. Even though they might seem scary on the surface, is it in fact very strongly rooted in the place where you feel the safest: your heart.

• Allowing luck to be on your side
Previously you might have led your life with your head and only doing what is safe, expected, and rational. Now, this radical transformation involves turning your whole life onto the divine. Where the divine is concerned, nothing needs to be ‘figured out’ with your head. Where the divine is concerned, luck is a daily occurrence. This luck isn’t random but it is in fact synchronistic. The combination of spiritual connection, high luxurious energies, anchoring of the heart, plus luck — it is a formula for feeling like you’re on top of the world and the world being your oyster. With this grid, everything you touch shall become gold.

I trust this Butterfly Crystal Grid shall bring you all of the transformation and activation that you need at this time. Please post your comments and experiences below. If you would like to share your thoughts with me privately, please feel safe to contact me.

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