what is the butterfly dimension?

The Butterfly Dimension is a light–filled and frequency–filled chamber set up for your Divine Feminine transformation. A soft, warm, fluffy, and inviting cocoon, you are being called to relax into this airy, safe and luxurious sanctuary for your healing and transformation. Upon your alchemy into The Butterfly Goddess, our Dimension calls you forth to spread your wings, spread your light, and spread your love.

where can i access the current butterfly crystal grid?

The current Butterfly Crystal Grid can be found here.

what do i gain from spending time inside this butterfly dimension?

As the Butterfly Dimension is a high–frequency light and healing chamber, this enables you to absorb the light that you are ready to install within your system to facilitate your healing and transformation.

what is a butterfly goddess?

The Butterfly Goddess is a Divine Feminine (whether biologically female or male) who is transiting through healing, transformation and growth in order to be a fully embodied and fully manifested Higher Self.

hymn of the butterfly

You will know me
by the song that I sing.

My name is Heart,
Goddess of Love,
leading you into the Butterfly Dimension.

Where old is shed,
form forms anew,
and rebirth is heralded with

Whether you are lost
or you are found,
Butterfly Dimension welcomes.

Here you are safe to
love like you’ve never loved before, to
be honest like there’s no tomorrow, to
usher your new self to life.

Holler, transformation!
Now be still.
The soul stirs.
A new Goddess awaits.