Just Add Love

If you have been thinking of creating something new or making a commitment to someone or something in your life, the Divine says YES!

What you shall need now — and the most — for the duration of your journey — is love.

Love is the universal fuel that brings anything and everything to life — whether a mother is forming a child in her womb or whether an artist or creator pours creative passion into a project.

Sometimes, what we need isn’t more effort, as effort can only take us so far. What will carry us through the difficult and challenging times, and especially through the long journeys, is simply love!

When you love something, you automatically inject a fresh energy for it to expand. When we love something, we want to see it grow. By loving something with your heart, you breathe birth energy into it.

Everything that we create contains our energy. It may sound very obvious but this is true! So if you are having trouble getting through to the end of a project or a difficult situation, simply add more love.

You’ll start to notice that the energy of love frees any perceived knots or obstacles and miraculously shows you the way. Or, love will soften your heart and help you see it from a brand new perspective, which means you will be taking a different action to get there.

Love, of course, eases conflicts between people, lighting up a path for reconciliation, forgiveness, or a peaceful resolution or ending.

Contained herein this card is the sacred geometric symbol of the Fruit of Life, which represents the infinite abundance of our universe. When we think about how this universe was formed, you can easily see that it too was created in a space of love. Love has a brilliant divine order where even the ‘mistakes’ aren’t mistakes at all, but Divine redirections. All outcomes are accepted and welcomed and therefore, loved.

So whether you feel your situation is right or wrong, good or bad, simply add doses of love. Pour divine love and your heart’s love into it, and you’ll quickly open up the pathway to solutions, creative ideas, more energy, and peace.

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