The Necessity of Valuing Inner Beauty

coeurpicHello, my Sunshine Queens!

Today I want to talk to you about inner beauty, why we are so quick to dismiss it and why we need to value it.

It’s pretty obvious though, isn’t it, that our culture heavily prizes outer beauty. In fact it prizes anything that can be seen, proven and monetized, all of which outer beauty can do. Outer beauty is how marketing tells us we are not enough and what we should aspire to. Outer beauty can be proven through pageants, by judging women’s bodies using point systems. And outer beauty can definitely be monetized because beautiful people get the high profile, lucrative careers they really want and they can pretty much write their own ticket…

Compare this to inner beauty. It can’t be seen, it can’t be proven, and it can’t be monetized. So we relegate inner beauty to the back corner, seeing it as insignificant, unimportant, not mattering. We don’t bring this out because inner beauty isn’t how we compete with or keep up with others. Inner beauty can’t help us manipulate or demand what we want. It just doesn’t seem like a very useful tool, right? Like who cares about inner beauty when we’re trying to succeed in a hurry, surpass our neighbors and lose weight fast!

I know I felt this way during my heavier days. I would be discussing my weight issues with someone and they would say, “Oh, but you’ve got such great inner beauty.” I would snort inside my head, feeling like inner beauty was a consolation prize for not being able to be beautiful on the outside.

How I came to disregard inner beauty is probably much like your experience, too. When I was young, I was told that my inner beauty didn’t matter and in fact, I didn’t have inner beauty, I had inner ugly. My personality was so unwelcome and unloved that all I did was reject myself, nonstop. Plus, if inner beauty doesn’t matter, then what is the point in trying to feel joy or feel better about myself? What is the point in trying to help others or follow my dreams? I mean, if I am so ugly inside that everyone will reject me anyway, then why bother?


I have also come to realize that sometimes we overgive to others because we want them to see our inner beauty and then reflect it back to us. Usually this doesn’t work because we choose the wrong partners to give to — narcissists, people can’t mirror us, people who aren’t paying attention, people who take take take and don’t give back. What we are wanting the other person to do is to acknowledge the light inside of us, the deep well of love that we draw from when we give and for them to say, “Thank you. You are so beautiful.” But, we never get it.

We don’t have to chase validation for our own inner beauty. It’s already inside of us. Each and every single one of us. We just need to turn on the light and acknowledge it for ourselves. We don’t need someone else to see this quality before we value it. We need to rescue the inner beauty from our mental trash can, dust it off and display it high and proud on our mantle, because that’s where it belongs.

There is so much power in believing in our own beauty and I am certain that when you come face to face with seeing it for yourself, you will be incredibly mesmerized by the realization.

Acknowledging your beauty has made all the difference in my life. It’s the difference of seeing yourself as a piece of nothing vs. a divine work of art. Any authentic success or joy that we experience in life first comes from how we feel about ourselves. You were born from beauty and from love. Somehow, you were led astray, and now it is time to return to your super naturality. As your self–love Cupid, I can help! Stay tuned for more.

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