The Most Important Person to Thank

Every morning I begin my day much the same way…after brushing my teeth and washing my face, I sit down with a cup of hot water or tea and begin writing, tuning into myself for what wants to be examined or released that day. There isn’t a day that goes by now that I don’t do some kind of emotional healing. On the outside it looks rather grim, as people watch me cry and writhe in what looks like pain. In those moments of deep release, it can feel very heart–wrenching. But what they don’t realize is the exquisite joy and freedom that comes quickly after releasing a hold from the past and that is why, despite how difficult and arduous it is, I keep returning to it over and over, knowing that each time I return, I uncover more hidden treasure. Such is the way for excavating your own inner beauty, my loves…

So the other day as I was writing, I thought to myself that I hadn’t really appreciated myself for all the things I do for me: taking care of my body, eating right — which can be really challenging in today’s food culture — healing, self–care, emotional care, working on my stuff, etc. In my previous post, I shared how I have a huge bucket of gratitude where I deposit a slip of thanks to the universe every night before I sleep (it’s only April but it’s already half way filled!). So I thought, what if that note of gratitude was not only for the universe, but for me as well? Even though much of everything comes from a higher power, it is my body, or my hands, or my heart that gets me to do all the hard things that are changing my life.

Then and there, I decided to make a habit out of thanking myself every night too, before I sleep, even for the most curiously mundane things like, Thank you for taking a shower or Thank you for going to the grocery store. Many women I have spoken with don’t feel appreciated for all the service they give to others, mostly freely, without thanks and out of a sense of duty and responsibility. Rather than waiting for others to acknowledge you, why not acknowledge yourself? You took yourself here this far and I know your little heart could make itself gush by offering a gentle Thanks, babe as often as possible. And best yet, appreciating yourself inspires you to treat yourself even kinder, with even more self-love. 

When I shared this with a friend, she said this feels even better than a gratitude practice because it’s even more authentic and gentle, and I agree. Go ahead and thank yourself for being so wonderful. You’re allowed to appreciate yourself and to celebrate what a gift you are to the world.


  • Ning ning
    April 21, 2016

    Thank you for sharing your inner most thoughts, feelings and healing! I am sure you are helping other people along the way too! I have witnessed your growth, coming out of your shell, from a shy unconfident young girl to be a strong, loving, caring, confident, mature lady! It is like a metamorphosis from a cocoon to a beautiful butterfly! There are so much potential in you! Lots of love sending your way!!!

  • April 22, 2016

    Wow, what a concept! I’m a daily (well almost daily) gratitude practitioner and I don’t think I have ever thanked myself. You have inspired me. Thanks.

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