To Write Is to Dream

Cue a fresh sheet of paper, a smooth writing instrument, a dash of essential oil behind my ears, the sun or moon shining on my cheek and I am ready to go…ready, set, write.

Writing still doesn’t come easy for me, but I do it because it’s become a significant part of helping me actively manifest my dreams. Clarifying what I really want in life helps me to pursue it with focused and passionate vigor. Writing also helps me clear my head and relieve those doubts. Rereading what I confessed to my little journals always brings a smile to my face, as if they are reassuring me that my dreams are faithfully unfolding. Especially interesting is when I read things I’ve written a while ago, feeling how much progress I have made and often realizing I don’t want the same things even just a few months later.

There are many ways I use writing to help me creatively…for one, I write fairy tales. At the moment, the one I have going is called The Magical Fairy Tales of Queen Ana Coeur. There is no real plot, but rather a bunch of random adventures that blend from one thing to the next. Twists and turns — surely — how magical would they be without them? Although fictional, this little book details all those secret dreams I don’t dare share with anyone else but hope they come true.

Then there are fictional diary entries…who I met, things I did, where I went…this is perhaps some of the most delightful writing I engage in. If you try it sometime, I promise you how revealing it is, illuminating all those hidden desires you keep inside. I don’t do this to hide behind an alter–ego life. I write it because I am here to actively create it. If you don’t know what you want, how will you make it happen or ask for help to make it happen?

All this is, I suppose, because I don’t believe in resigning to fate. Our ability to create is where our power lives. I put this power to the test by engaging it every day through writing about things I would love to have happen, bringing as much imagination, fun and love into each situation. If you can imagine the outcome and put it to words, you can also imagine the unfolding journey and language that, too, from beginning to end.

This I make a serious commitment to. Perhaps the most inspiring and validating result for me is that I have literally dreamed people to life. It really is no laughing or light matter! It is why I continue to do it, to keep returning to my papers as a way of connecting with my soul and tune into what life has in store for me.

Et vous? What do you write about?


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