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My Sacred Beauty Revolution: Weight Loss Transformation


A four–and–a–half month private healing program for weight loss and physical transformation. Includes eighteen (18) 75–minute sessions by phone or Zoom, email coaching, and guidance through the My Sacred Beauty Revolution workbook.

USD $4,777.00 for the full program or purchase sessions à la carte without the extras.

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If your weight loss isn’t automatic, takes a lot of effort & results are spotty, I can help

Introducing a private weight loss healing program designed to melt fat & blocks fast

While diet, exercise and genetics influence our weight, the underlying root cause of excess weight comes from unprocessed emotions, traumas and fears that we still carry—from this life or past lives. We may be eating right and doing all the right things, but feel disheartened when the scale doesn’t reflect the weight we technically should have lost after all the effort and “sacrifice.”

Energy healing fast–tracks automatic weight loss because we clear all the barriers that get in the way of your body losing weight on its own. Coupled with listening to and following your body’s intuitive signals, the journey of weight loss becomes an effortless, intuitive and natural experience—without the usual mystery, frustration, toil, despair, or mixed results that come from adopting weight loss formulas, policing yourself to a strict regimen, and “shoulds”.

When the body feels happy and safe, the body knows how to naturally return to its ideal weight for you. The aim of this private healing program is geared toward helping you uncover, process and clear all of the unresolved emotions and energetic waste (from this life and past lives) that prevent your body from losing weight automatically.

In our sessions, we will also clear any acts of self–sabotage and help you to feel safe to lose weight and be beautiful, and appreciate yourself at any shape or size.

We also clear or heal:

• The pain around being beautiful or not feeling beautiful
• Fear of sexuality
• Self–judgment
• Fear of food
• Fear of lack of food or starvation
• Hoarding food or energy/body weight
• Sluggish metabolism
• Blocked lympathic drainage
• Distrust of your body
• Hateful or resentful relationship with exercise
• Craving foods you can’t digest
• Fear of losing weight
• Self–sabotage
• Self–hate or body shame
Why is weight loss so hard? What is it really about?

Have you ever wondered why if you lost weight through diet and exercise, you tend to gain it all back—sometimes more? Or, do you eat well and exercise, but the pounds keep piling from nowhere, or the weight is stuck?

We have been taught that to lose weight, we have to restrict ourselves, trick the body into doing so, and to work out insanely crazy consistently.

I tried that and it baffled me: why is it that the more I exercised and controlled myself, the more I gained? It was like my body was fighting me tooth and nail to stay fat!

What I finally realized was that we can’t trick or force the body into losing weight. The state of our consciousness and our energy structure is what creates weight gain (or excess fat maintain). So it stands to reason that in order to lose weight, we must change our energy and consciousness. When we do that, tricks are no longer necessary.

The photos above are of me: Before was 2014, an unhappy size 20 in Rome and After was two–and–a–half years later, size 8, at Nordstrom getting my makeover. How I lost all that weight: I started to love myself. I worked on clearing out the consciousness that supported carrying excess weight and tweaked how my body responded to food, emotions, people, and world events. I did close to ZERO exercise. Voilà, the weight fell off when I wasn’t looking or trying.

Weight loss became automatic! I fast–tracked my automatic weight loss because I cleared all the barriers that got in the way of my body losing weight on its own.

I understand the mechanics of weight loss because I healed myself through it all: the physical, emotional and spiritual root causes of it, along with releasing the fears, resistances, habits, and tendencies that block it, and especially the fears around losing it.

To me, weight loss is a spiritual transformation because our souls are using our physicality as a vehicle to expand our consciousness and to feel in union with ourselves and with the Creator.

Because I’ve healed myself through so much of it, I am here to help you do the same, as well as take the mystery out of weight gain and help you understand why your body behaves the way it does.

I created a private healing program to deep–cleanse your energy system, reboot your body, upgrade your consciousness, and remove all blocks, so that your subconscious mind, body and spirit are aligned with losing weight automatically. With this overhaul, my wish is that your weight loss journey is as effortless, enlightening, freeing, and surprising as mine.

“Ana quickly and accurately came to the cause of the weight gain.” —Kelly St. Claire
Unlocking permanent, automatic weight loss starts & ends with changing your consciousness & energy structure

We meet once a week for 18 weeks. Here’s what we resolve:

Sessions 1 & 2: Physical Root Cause

Clearing or repairing the physical root cause of weight gain, such as imbalances or blocks to organs, chakras, glands, meridians, hormones, digestive, endocrine and nervous systems, DNA, metabolism, lymphatic drainage, clearing side effects of medication

Sessions 3 & 4: Emotional Root Cause

Clearing or repairing the emotional root causes of weight gain/maintain, such as trauma, abusive relationships, fear of losing weight, fear of not being safe, fear of the world, relationship to food, fear of visibility

Sessions 5 & 6: Spiritual Root Cause

Healing your relationship to the universe, resolving soul contracts around the body, clearing inherited ancestral issues blocking weight loss, clearing past lives, karmic influences & vows, clearing tendency to absorb the world’s and others’ energies as an empath

Sessions 7–9: Inner Child

Clearing or healing childhood trauma, negative beliefs and programming, abuse, fears, phobias and habits picked up from others

Session 10 & 11: Fears, Habits & Tendencies

Deep clearing core layers of fears, self–sabotage habits and tendencies that contribute to weight gain or excess fat maintain

Sessions 12–14: Resistance to Weight Loss

Releasing all resistances to weight loss on all dimensions of the being: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic

Session 15: Power

Resolving issues of being in your power and activating your energy (for example, sluggish digestion due to not exercising inner power)

Session 16–18: Self–Love

Releasing shame, self–judgement, fear of sexuality, reprogramming negative self beliefs to positive, releasing deny self of love and food, falling in love with yourself, sensuality, elegance, sexiness, trusting your femininity and sexuality
“Ana shifted something massive in me...actually making me lose weight.” —Nicole

How does healing work?

Once a week, we will meet by Zoom or by phone. Physically, I am in the U.S. but I am able to connect to your energy no matter where you are in the world. I am able to feel your energy, pain, and feelings in my body as if they were my own which enables me to quickly reach the heart of the matter.

Will I really lose weight?

I am not you, so I cannot guarantee results for you. I am also not a licensed medical professional. However, I am here to facilitate energy healing so that all the blocks, fears and resistances to you losing weight automatically are worked on, addressed, or resolved. The way your soul and body choose to heal is completely up to them—they are in charge! There are always a lot of layers to why we may choose to maintain excess weight. My hope is to enlighten you and help you let go of all blocks as best as your soul and mind are willing.

What if I’ve tried everything to lose weight but it hasn’t worked?

This is all the more reason to change your energy structure or dissolve soul contracts that tether this experience to your body. I specialize in helping clients release mysterious physical illnesses.

What does healing feel like?

The way I do healing is very easy, relaxing and lighthearted! We may talk or laugh while energy is being dissolved. Angels and ascended masters frequently show up to perform light frequency activations and instant clearings. Those might feel like tingles and whooshes.

Here’s what happens after the healing: What previously caused you annoyance, trauma or pain will feel forgotten or neutral. You may even forget what was hurting or scaring you before. You’ll feel inspired to make healthful changes in your life and discover new aspects of yourself toward more love, joy, growth and power.

After the healing sessions, my clients also commonly report major explosions of passionate creativity and sudden, pivotal a–ha moments, leading them to make life–changing decisions with poise, clarity and ease.

Do we have to stick to the 18–week agenda as outlined?

Nope! We will work very intuitively. We will go to where the energy and your soul leads us.

“My chronic fatigue felt like it has dissolved within an hour” —Gisella Chen
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