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Team Ana Coeur

Team Ana Coeur

Ana Coeur

Founder, Healer

Ana Coeur is a healer and energy surgeon specializing in issues unique to Starseeds, Lightworkers, and children. Clients say Ana is “a miracle worker” and “Dr. House meets exorcist meets rainbows and God.” Ana’s penchant for miraculous healing has led her to pursue and develop her own rapid, cutting–edge approaches that cannot be found anywhere else. Her healing of herself has led her into enlightenment, divine love, and bliss. She documents her healing discoveries on Twitter.

Ana’s work broadens into the world of French luxury furniture design as well as stories and writing where she self–publishes The Adventures of Coeur the Cupid® novels about healing, love, adventures, and magic. Ana is also the founder of Coeur the Cupid® Animated Studios. Contact Ana at

MJ Maldonado

Production Coordinator

MJ Maldonado assists in developing digital content on healing. She is a young woman with many interests. From plants & crystals, books & video games, to dancing, music & painting. She has always been aware of the paranormal & phenomenon, but seldom did she understand it. She is always working to understand our reality & all the strangeness that comes with it. She aspires to inspire people to become the best versions of themselves while also living a more natural lifestyle in harmony with the land. Contact MJ at