Cutting–Edge Energy Healing for the Spiritually Courageous

Rapid–release healing technology designed to cancel, cut, delete, transcend, overhaul, enlighten, and neutralize your scariest, heaviest, mysterious, sensitive, traumatic, bothersome, or annoyingly unforgettable fears and issues.

“Pick an issue and watch it dissolve.”

— K.A., client

Grief wiped out in 2 minutes

“Ana had two minutes. It wiped out so much of my grief to where I could breathe. That gave me hope and helped me carry on.”


Grief & broken heart relieved

“Ana eased my grief and helped me find the strength to take care of my husband and make it through his passing.”


Profound and permanent changes

“Ana connects to the energy very quickly and powerfully. I’m in a different place in my life now thanks to her healing.”


A rare experience

“I‘ve been a healer for over 20 years. I know 13 modalities. Ana came along and showed me something I hadn’t seen before.”

—Celebrity healer Adrien Blackwell

Arm damaged by cancer radiation works again

“I can now type with my right hand that was damaged from radiation. Ana quickly got to the root of problems.”


Earned my highest recommendation!

“Her healing is truly fascinating and her the light she emanates is truly inspirational.”


Covid–19 healed in 20 minutes!

“After her healing, I was no longer feeling pain. I thought would be sick for a month. But Ana healed me in 20 minutes!”


Saved my tooth!

“Plus, Ana helped me recover from my divorce and...feel strong enough to have a new relationship.”


Razor–sharp intuition

“Ana’s ability to cut through the illusions straight to the root of the matter makes her healing sessions swift, powerful and efficient.”

—Gisella Chen

Changed my life profoundly

“There is no value high enough for getting my life back. Ana cuts out the mystery and wastes no time in getting to the heart of the matter.”


Warm, compassionate space

“Ana gave permission for me to feel my feelings no matter how ‘dark’ they may have been.”

—Stacy Michelle

Actually making me lose weight

“Ana shifted something massive in me...I feel much more loving toward my body.”


Get ready for what you ask for

“Pick an issue and watch it dissolve. Ana’s healing technique is like no other I have experienced.”


Easy & unique experience

“I instantly felt the symptoms clear.”

—John Ng

Congestion was completely gone

“Ana is incredibly knowledgeable and effective. She is calming and trustworthy. Her healing techniques are gentle.”


A powerful and moving experience

“The physical pain left me.”

—Cindy Maddox

Healed & empowered by her session

“She listens to my issues without judgment...I feel more empowered to take charge of things and to improve on aspects of my life.”

—Adele Tan

Physical tension & huge lump disappeared

“During and after our sessions, I was always beaming and felt renewed. I recommend her greatly.”


Instantly feel the shift

“Since my healing session...I have been taking better care of my body...I’m exercising more and feel great!”


Wholeheartedly recommend!

“A huge weight has literally been lifted off my shoulders.”


Very fast and precise

“Few people have the abilities that Ana has...a high–level healer.”


Healed from Covid–19

“I felt lighter, could breathe easier and even gained back some of my sense of smell..”


Complete, miraculous and unique

“I had completely released the pain by the end of the session.”


Her intuition was SPOT ON

“Ana cleared up so many of my deep blocks. She immediately cleared up some health throat issue and body aches are gone!”

—Melissa O.

Wonderful feeling of being free

“My chronic fatigue felt like it has dissolved within an hour of the session.”

— Gisella Chen

Bipolar disorder is gone!

“I can no longer detect any of the bipolar. That night, I started gradually lowering the medication.”

— K.S.

for healing

Ana “Cupid”

Healer of chronic & mysterious health issues

Healer and creator of beauty, love, and romance


Now available: Group Healing Sessions

Heal together with a small, intimate group at significant savings!

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Years ago when I first learned about cutting energetic cords of attachment, you could say I was scissor happy. 🙂 Most people in our community by now have experienced cord–cutting. What some may not know yet is that cutting cords is only one aspect of clearing a relationship or an energy patter

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Watching my dad battle cancer was one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. From what I could see, I feel that if my dad had a positive relationship with the universe, he might have chosen to live. I think. My dad was quite religious. Blended with cultural beliefs and his being from the W

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I was scrolling through social media last night and came across a thread. People were talking about how they tried hard to love their partners—unconditionally loving them—only for it to make zero difference in their relationships. In the end, they left those partners and their toxic ways. They r

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Self–care. Does that remind you of taking care of your body, like taking long baths, eating well, and exercising? Or does it bring to mind setting boundaries with others or limiting your time spent doing things you don’t really love? Admittedly, I used to be a lot more romantic with myself:

Why Deciding What We Love & Don’t Love Feels Draining

Do you know what drains us? It’s the act of deciding what we love and don’t love. For example, I can just arbitrarily decide right now that I love the color red and I don’t love the color blue. Or, I love sunny days and don’t love rainy days. Or, I love this type of relation

Question: If Life is an Illusion, Then Why Bother?

This was the question I struggled with recently. We know that our lives, our dreams, our relationships, fear, love, heaven, hell, and everything and anything we can think of is simply part of the game of life. None of this is real. It’s all an illusion. And if that is the case, then I wonder w

Divine & Intuitive Energy DNA Healing For Lightworkers ♡ Episode 1

If you are ready for healing, you can purchase a full healing session or a half–hour taster. So much love, Cutting–Edge Energy Healer for the Spiritually Courageous Ana “Cupid” Coeur is a powerful medical intuitive energy healer, energy surgeon, and spiritual teacher of divine lov

Does One Need to Ignore News & Current Events to Be Happy?

Friends used to tell me that I should ignore what’s happening in the world and just focus on myself. And you know, I love being a hermit! My home is a sanctuary. I love not knowing what goes on in the world. But when 2020 rolled around, my sense of justice got activated. I found myself enticed

Life lessons? The joy in forgetting all you’ve learned

It’s the end of the year and many are probably taking inventory of 2020: all they’ve learned, what they’ve done, what they didn’t do, how bad things were this year, and what to be thankful for. I sit down this evening to do the same, wondering about the wisdom I’ve acc

Why Our Stories Have No Value

Do you remember the triumph you felt after learning how to ride a bike? I felt this way shortly into my spiritual awakening. From my fingertips poured out an essay called The Gift of Pain, an article about my wounds, showing myself how spiritually mature I’d become. I was beaming proud of tha

The Part of You That Yearns to Be Healed Also Needs Healing

There’s no denying we live in a culture focused on results and performance. If something isn’t working, we want it immediately fixed or thrown out. This approach is suitable when we are troubleshooting electronics but what about when it comes to self–love and relationships? I used

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I used to tell people that we don’t need to heal our wounds—we can just flush them away as if flushing pain down a toilet! But then I realized that sometimes we cannot because there is a difference between healing vs. clearing. When people ask me what clearing is, I often give them this ana

When You Constantly Seek Safety, You Miss Out on Adventure

When my parents gave me my Chinese name (well, they named me after Britain’s Princess Anne), they probably didn’t know that its meaning would be such a big part of my healing journey. Pronounced “An”, the middle character of my name means safety. It could also mean peace and

In Times of Challenge, Befriend Resilience

Resilience. The part of you that knows how to bounce back up when you get slapped down. Resilience is our best friend on the road to beautiful spiritual growth. It’s also our best companion when tackling the hard things in life: starting or growing a business or a family, facing difficult rela

Romance is an Energy, Not a To–Do

Do you see yourself as not having romance in your lives because you’re not “doing” romantic things? Here’s the thing: romance isn’t what you do, romance is who you are. Romance is not a sport, nor a performance, nor a relationship to–do. It isn’t an item to buy at a st

Do You Have to Heal to Be Rich? And Other Abundance Questions

Someone asked me today, have rich people fully healed their abundance level or overall energy? In other words, do you have to heal to be rich? The answer to this is both simple and layered. Along with this question, in this article, I will also answer other questions such as: • How much money does

Does Your Energy Healer Provoke You to Tears?

Not too long ago, I remember venturing my way into energy healing as a client and worked with a few healers. Although I didn’t know it at the time, looking back I realized they usually stimulated the healing by scaring me or by making me cry. One of the paths in was to stir up my childhood mem

How Quickly You Manifest Depends on This

Recenty I was performing a lightbody activation on myself and realized what pattern was being pulled out from within me. Here is what I have gathered within the lightbody activation: making our dreams come true, without a doubt, requires us to step into the unknown. Because it is often terrifying to

How to Be Creative When You’re Worried About Money

The short answer is, you can’t. I was once in this situation and learned a thing or two about creating while being worried about money, and whether that is even possible at all. Creativity is not just a human activity whereby we generate or innovate something. Creativity is actually a goddess

How Holding Space Helps Others Manifest

Holding space means to create a container for someone to have their own feelings and experiences without judging them. It means we allow someone to go through their pain and emotions while we bear witness to them and offer our presence. This presence is meant to comfort them and to witness them. How

Why Some People Are Born With Skills But Others Have to Learn

Why is it that some people are born with incredible gifts, like being able to draw, paint, sing, play ball, or talk to spirit since they were a baby or toddler, while others have to work hard at their skills throughout their whole life? For those of us in the latter category, sometimes it can be cha

How Entrepreneurship is Like Gardening

Entrepreneurship is basically gardening. As your Higher Self plants seeds of awareness, inspiration and opportunity into you, so too do you plant seeds of awareness, inspiration and opportunity into other people. Voilà, business happens. The more seeds you plant, the more your garden will prosper.

Are Your Beliefs Destroying Your Creativity?

My biggest worry used to be that I would design a chair, someone would sit in it, they would fall, break a bone, and I would get sued. Fantasy fears like that kept me paralyzed. I also didn’t feel beautiful enough to wear the clothing I designed and didn’t feel worthy enough for the diam

How Inspiration Changes Your Whole Reality

Did you know: inspiration is the act of downloading the future into the now. Inspiration is how the divine communicates with us. As we pray for a different reality or “future,” we receive inspiration to act. This act closes the gap between where you are now to where you want to be. So to create

Why Courage is an Illusion

Did you know that courage is an illusion? That’s because fear is an illusion. We only ever need courage because we are feeling fear. You don’t need courage to brush your teeth, for example, unless you were very scared of brushing your teeth. So when people talk about developing courage to go aft

How I Use Tarot in My Healing Practice

Last year I got seriously bit by the tarot bug! Within a year and a half, I accumulated 185 (and growing) tarot, oracle and fortune–telling decks. Even though a lot of them are regrettable purchases (as I didn’t know what decks or art I would connect to at the time), I’ve gathered a so