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    To the Media: Don’t Tell Me When to Eat

    I once made the mistake of following too many Facebook pages about French beauty and self–care. The media has been trying to sell us for a while now that French women are always perfect. They know what to wear, how to wear it, what to say, what to eat, how to never gain weight yet eat whatever they want. Like many women, I believed French–style beauty was the holy grail. Thirsty for knowledge, I chased after their secrets to effortless…

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  • Empire Love

    The pressure to change the world

    Do you ever feel pressured to change the world? I’ve been avoiding social media and any kind of messages pushing me to heal myself or change my life in order to…

  • Empire

    How to love your empire into life

    This blog is for the Divine Feminine artiste–entrepreneur who opts to flow with life and be guided by her intuition. Chances are, if you’ve come across this blog, you are someone…

  • Art

    What’s in my sketchbook

    Besides being busy writing my Cupid novel, I’ve been playing so much lately with my watercolors and fashion drawings. Here’s a quick peek. I will come back to share more later!…

  • Empire

    When No One Validates Your Intuition

    The short answer to this is: no one is supposed to validate your intuition but yourself. There will be so many times on this journey where you will envision something or…