Terms of Purchase
Cancellations & Refunds
All sales are final (no refunds or cancellations).

• Please know that by paying in installments, you are still committing to the full amount of the program. Should you cancel your automatic billing before all billing cycles have been completed, please know that the remaining amount will still be due.

• There are no refunds for completed sessions.

• There is no price protection or refunds in the event of a price reduction or a promotional offering.
• Please provide 24 hours prior notice to cancel or reschedule your session. At the discretion of Ana Coeur, if changes are made under 24 hours, sessions and monies may be considered forfeited by the Client.

• If you miss your appointment, Ana Coeur reserves the right to charge a $50 administrative rescheduling fee.

• If you miss your appointment and do not reschedule within 7 days after the scheduled appointment, the monies will be considered forfeited by the Client.

• If the Client does not show up for the session within 10 minutes of the scheduled appointment, it will be considered a missed appointment.
• Sessions must be paid in full before we begin.
• Sessions will not be repeated once started or completed (there will be no do–overs).

• Sessions are done by phone, Zoom, Whatsapp, or Skype.

• Sessions will not be recorded but you are welcome to do that on your end.

• Unused sessions can be transferred to someone else.

• Prepaid single sessions must be used within 30 days of purchase.

• Prepaid package sessions must be used within 60 days of purchase.

• No energy work or tuning into the client will be performed after the session or in between sessions.

• Sessions for My Sacred Beauty Revolution: Weight Loss Healing Program must be used within 270 days.