Did you know: inspiration is the act of downloading the future into the now. Inspiration is how the divine communicates with us. As we pray for a different reality or “future,” we receive inspiration to act. This act closes the gap between where you are now to where you want to be.

So to create a different reality or “future” for yourself, you must act upon inspiration — because acting on inspiration pulls your future reality into the now.

Your life potential exists on multiple timelines, each timeline leading to different experiences and outcomes. Your current life exists on one timeline or track, while your desired life is on another timeline or track. It’s like being in a train station where each track, separate from each other, leads to somewhere different.

However, there is this thing of collapsing all timelines. It means that with your higher consciousness and letting go of fear, you begin shutting down all those possibilities or potential outcomes that you don’t want, leaving yourself only with the outcome that you do want.

While you are on this current timeline, your energy, with enough lightness, has the ability to access other timelines and receive inspiration from those alternate realities.

Let’s say you’re moving through the timeline called Status Quo, which is to say, your current life or reality. If you do not have too much fear or density in your system, you’ll be able to access (as in, imagine) wonderful alternate realities for your life.

Let’s say you start to receive inspiration from a timeline called Success & Adventure, while standing in Status Quo.

So as you act on inspiration from the Success & Adventure timeline, what you are doing is jumping tracks into that timeline. As long as you don’t teeter back and forth, soon you’ll have fully crossed over to Success & Adventure.

This is why it’s important to:

1. Clear density (fear) so you can access alternate realities and have energetic lightness to jump timelines; and
2. Aact upon inspiration.

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So much love,

Cutting–Edge Energy Healer for the Spiritually Courageous

Ana “Cupid” Coeur is a powerful medical intuitive energy healer, energy surgeon, and spiritual teacher of divine love and beauty. From helping clients heal Covid-19, bipolar disorder, Epstein–Barr, fibromyalgia, cancer, blindness, to broken hearts, the #1 feedback received by clients is that Ana cuts through the mystery “spot on,” gets to the bottom of issues fast, and helps people get their life back. As a spiritual teacher, Ana heals clients through radical inner transformation and self-mastery so that they unlock destinies and expand into the dimensions of blissful, unconditional love. Ana also performs lightbody activations on clients so that they rapidly release blocks and realign to their divine nature. Click here to work with Ana

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