On Twitter, I talk a lot about yin healing a lot but what exactly is it?

Yin healing is a delicate, non–invasive energy healing process that transmutes density into openness and lightness such that the pain, complaint, issue, or pain is not there anymore. What delineates yin healing from its opposite, yang, is that the healer never “does anything” to the client.

Yin is not yang

The majority of healing methods today are considered its opposite, yang. Reiki is a popular example. Yang methods require the healer to perform, do stuff, or push/transfer energy onto the client.

Yang healing is about the technique, the method, the steps, the process. Yin healing is about who the healer is being.

With yang healing, your mind must tell you what needs to heal, which location to go or to focus on, how to do it, what to visualize, etc. With yin healing, the only information you have is how something feels, which can range from the obvious to the most subtle, which comes with experience and deepening of perception. The more embodiment the healer has, the higher the consciousness they have, and of course, the more experience they have, the more complex energies and client cases they can handle.

Hallmarks of yin healing

The hallmark of yin healing is that the healer doesn’t “do stuff” — doesn’t reach, push, nor impose healing energy onto themselves nor the client. The healer also doesn’t engage their intellect or thinking mind to do the healing, such as the use of their hands or visualizations, spells/magic, protocols, chants, etc.

The benefit of yin healing is that in comparison, it is faster and more complete. It also uses little to no effort. My favorite aspect of yin healing is that it requires the healer to fundamentally shift within him/herself in order to do it well. But anybody can do yin healing, even if that person isn’t healed. I have watched complete beginners be able to heal themselves and others the yin way.

Yin healing is paradoxical. The more you pay attention to the client or to yourself, the slower the energy flows. The harder you try, the more the healing is stopped. The hardest thing to master about yin healing is to stop trying, stop doing, stop efforting, stop thinking. Visualization, tuning in, checking, seeing, looking, evaluating, reading—these are all yang activities that engage the thinking mind but in the realm of yin healing, they all slow down the healing speed for you or the client. Thus, the healer must learn to get out of the way.

Yin healing is necessary when we are healing mysterious health issues, such as conditions and diseases that have seemingly no known or understandable origin or are medically undiagnosable. With yin healing, you don’t need to know what, how, nor why. The energy goes where it needs to via an intelligence of its own. If the thinking mind had to know the exact path, the issue may remain a mystery because the thinking mind does not know it all nor see it all. The greater the mystery, the more it calls for yin healing whereby you exit the intellect and enter the unknown.

Ideally, the healer honors principles of yin healing as a way of life. These principles include living from sensation instead of from the thinking mind, plus the concepts of allowing, flowing, letting in, not reaching, not trying, not achieving, letting it be, just being, not doing, not striving. The more that the healer lives this as a way of life, the more yin healing becomes second nature.

I don’t know how many yin healing methods are out there but I’ll share with you what I have done/am doing:

The Wonder Method™ created by Alain Herriott

When I started my healing journey, I worked with a Wonder Method practitioner for 3 to 4 years and this was the method she used. This is how I came to know about it. The healer doesn’t tune in, reach into, nor do anything to the client. If a healer does this well, the client’s energies should shift every 3 to 5 seconds until the issue/pain is dissolved. A shift means that the pain or issue changes its size, shape, density, quality, or texture every few seconds until it opens into nothingness (meaning, pain/issue is gone).

I have since learned The Wonder Method myself. It has given me the foundational premise of yin healing. Since then, I have deviated away from it to create my own ways of healing to meet the requirements of my own healing and that of clients’. I’ve not given a name to my “method” because it isn’t a method at all. I heal without any technique.

The Next Level

As you embody higher energies, rise in consciousness, and gain in spiritual power, you will be able to shed techniques altogether. When the healer is in a certain state of being, the clients heal by themselves. My clients experience a deep sense of peace and said it feels like ‘pre–heaven.’ To deepen your healing, I go deeper into my beingness. I bliss out and forget you are even there. That’s when healing is the most unimpeded. I would call this stage as embodiment. Even when I perform energy surgery, the healing remains yin all the same.

As this is yin healing, I never tune into you nor reach into you. I never “do stuff” to you. It’s unnecessary. Some issues can be dissolved instantly, but mostly at lightning speed, metaphorically. There is no technique; nothing to be done. You can say I am a “one trick pony”. No matter what the issue is, I use the same approach. I live my life the same way as I heal myself and others.

Ultimate level of healing & the way of the future

After embodiment, the next stage of yin healing is what I would call self–realization. This is the future of healing that I have been talking about whereby the healer becomes a walking healing machine. Healing happens simply by being in the presence of the healer, even when the healer is not specifically in ‘healing mode’. The future of healing has no appointments. They are never not healing themselves and others, like breathing. I have no idea but if I had to guess, this is probably where Jesus was.

To be more and more advanced, each day I devote myself to clarifying my beingness, shedding densities and distortions, and climbing in spiritual power. Each day I enhance my energies and capabilities. Not a day goes by where I am the same healer as I was yesterday. This is the fundamental commitment I have with myself. If you had a healing with me even a week ago, the experience is no longer the same.

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