Friends used to tell me that I should ignore what’s happening in the world and just focus on myself. And you know, I love being a hermit! My home is a sanctuary. I love not knowing what goes on in the world.

But when 2020 rolled around, my sense of justice got activated. I found myself enticed by seeking the truth about everything: the origins of Covid–19, who is a white hat and who isn’t, how children are being trafficked, who is getting arrested, which world leader or celebrity is in on it, who is behind the most devastating world events, who is behind the media, which news videos are staged, which are Photoshopped, which people are real in the flesh and which may be mind–controlled/clones/drones/AI/body doubles (!!) and the list went on.

When I first started deep–diving into “reality,” knowing all this stuff destabilized my health. My legs started swelling mysteriously whenever I felt people were being senselessly murdered. My weight went up and down and I didn’t feel well–rested when I woke up. When doing healing, I often encountered negative alien forces who tried to interfere. They threatened me with statements like “Don’t you dare heal yourself.”

After working through these energies and balancing my inner state, I am really happy to say that I have been able to engage with current events—at an even deeper and passionate level—and still feel peaks of joy within me at all times! Every now and then, I get stomach aches from ingesting too much evil information but for the most part, the destabilization of health has been resolved, yay.

So to answer the question from my perspective, I feel that it isn’t necessary to disengage from news and world events in order to be happy. This is possible when our internal state is balanced and we are able to perceive the outside from a more observant place (neutrality instead of morality—as in declaring what’s right vs. wrong). Knowing that everything is an illusion helps us also to not take anything too seriously. But my engaging in world events has actually made me feel happier and more alive than ever.

For others, the experience may be different. Maybe being engaged exacerbates existing tension, misery, hopelessness, injustice, or anger. The keyword is exacerbating the existing because these energies were probably already there, to begin with. And that’s okay. I was cautious of this being a possibility and I kept myself alert of my own emotional fluctuations. Sometimes, it happened, and when it did, I stopped myself and went straight into healing. I kept releasing what came up and kept purifying my nervous system. And then I noticed it: joy would flow through the floodgates. After a certain point, the flow didn’t stop.

Through my own experience, I feel that balancing our energies helps us engage with the world dynamically, compassionately, and completely—while maintaining joy and a connection to our creativity and purpose.

I actually started writing this blog post back in early November 2020 and in my first draft, the answer to my own question was yes, one must ignore the news and current events in order to be happy. I didn’t publish that version because it didn’t feel right, and how quickly things have changed! When I came back to my writing this evening, I realized that the question isn’t whether one should disengage with the world. The question is, how do I get even more involved in the world while maintaining health, peace, and joy. For me, healing was the answer.


I believe the world has always been abundant with evil but because the Earth is expanding in consciousness and raising in frequency, the darkness is being exposed. Because that veil of secrecy is melting away, many of us can’t ignore the news anymore in the way that we could have used to. Current events are calling many lightworkers into action, especially those who have chosen themselves to engage with the dark, the unseen, the negative, and the ugly. All of that means directly facing villains and world events.

These are the light warriors who are on the front lines fighting against injustice and being the boldest and most vocal, no matter the consequences. In terms of personal happiness, their immediate sense of purpose may not come from reaching the top of business success or lounging on a beach somewhere, but maybe attaining freedom and justice for their families and communities.

But not everyone is called to the front lines. If you are lightworker and aren’t nudged to be a digital warrior, the lightwork we do is to focus on our joy and passions. You may have noticed increased or emphatic guidance lately to heal yourself or to focus on what you love in the midst of this global turmoil. It may seem like it’s selfish, weak, meaningless, or powerless to be focusing on ourselves. It doesn’t seem like doing what we love (like writing a novel or baking cupcakes, for example) would be enough to overpower the evil and help the world.

But it does.

Because when you do something you love, you exist on a higher frequency. Sustain it long enough, and it holds and lifts up the planet.

Our world has been trying to attain peace with violence. But peace only comes from peace. It can’t birth what it didn’t come from.

Because it’s not just about us. Imagine if you are writing your dream novel. Your neighbor is having the time of her life baking. The other neighbor is writing her dream business plan and down the street, another neighbor is passionately teaching a curious and bright child to play the violin. If all of us are doing what we love, we are not fighting, and we are not fighting over how we are right and someone else is wrong. If all of us are not fighting, we have world peace. Ta. Da.

Responsibility vs. happiness

I have a friend who refuses to know what’s happening in the world. Whatever information I show them, they tell me that if what I say is true, then they don’t want to be on this planet.

It’s a fearful or fight or flight reaction because they may not have the inner balance to be able to sustain this much spiritual and emotional earthquake. And that’s okay. If we aren’t at a place to receive information or to endure the global changes, what we can do is to be responsible.

What I’ve learned recently is that the word responsibility doesn’t mean to be held accountable to do or be something. Responsibility, as Sadghuru explains, means the ability to respond. And we all have the ability to respond.

In this context, responsibility means that we can choose how we respond to news and current events. We can respond by spending hours on social media discussing topics or spreading knowledge, by being angry, by peacefully demonstrating, by spending time on a passion project, or by turning off the news and soaking in the tub.

If and when we make this response conscious, we are involving ourselves in this thing called Life. We are actively choosing how we will bend or adjust to situations as they arise. We will feel more actively engaged with Life, rather than trying to disengage, go back to sleep or to blind ourselves. If one chooses to be in denial, that’s okay. If we are in denial consciously, that is a good thing.

Forgiving evil

I wrote in a past blog post that a huge part of happily ever after is in forgiving evil. Of course, forgiveness is an illusion (there’s never anything to forgive because Life is just a stage with actors) but in this more human context, knowing that evil has a purpose helps us see the bigger/ultimate picture.

In the past, when I was feeling betrayed and hurt by someone I loved, thinking about forgiving them and being at One with them felt impossible and vomit–inducing. I couldn’t get there because that energy was too far from where I was. And that’s okay. It all comes back to healing ourselves and our relationship to and perception of evil. If we zoom out enough, we will see that none of what we experience is actually real. It’s just a giant movie. We can even watch this movie as we are acting out this movie.

Personally, I don’t hate the evil. I get spooked and feel disgusted and disturbed by what they do, but I don’t hate them. I feel a more sensible approach is to try to understand them or to at least include them. If we understand someone, we are less prone to judge. If we include someone as part of ourselves, we are more prone to accept and love. We all have the capacity to be evil but it’s just that some beings chose to exercise these energies in the most intense, vibrant way.

Knowing that we have the capacity for evil, even if we think ourselves to be “love and light,” helps us to know it’s circumstances and influence that often steer people down evil paths. At every moment, we have a choice to exercise evil. And that makes this more personal to us rather than thinking that evil is only reserved for “those people” and not ourselves. Thinking we are good people is a danger because it means we think whatever we do is right. Thinking that we are right can unknowingly lead us down paths that hurt others while we feel morally correct.

The verdict

After reaching more inner balance, I seek to engage further with researching news, history, and current events. I wake up wanting to know what’s happening and with this knowledge, I make my adjustments within me: I think to myself, what do I choose to do with this new information? What energies do I want to supply myself with today? How do I choose to respond today? What skills do I have to help these specific people? What needs healing today? Is there an action for me to take or is it better for me to be still and move on to something else?

When I engage actively with Life, it puts me directly into the seat as a Creator. We can choose ourselves to be Creators because we are all Manifestors. In the past (this life or past lives), we may not have been in the position of choosing anything at all. If we can’t choose, then we can’t create. But now we are given the chance. I’m actively and passionately taking part in creating the future that I want—but done in a creative and problem–solving way. I feel really excited for the now and for the future!

Getting involved with more of life has freed up the use of my voice. I used to feel scared, unworthy, withdrawn, and out of place to express how I feel. I would post my opinions on Facebook and then delete them a couple of minutes later thinking I said too much. But now, I want to voice my opinions in appropriate, sensible and sometimes humorous ways. I don’t shout at people because if I shout, it’s about me trying to prove I am right and trying to push others to wake up so that I feel safe.

Two weeks ago, I also started forming more of a community. I invited a group of lightworkers for a Zoom call to do some healing. My website now has a forum (although it’s not really active right now but it’s a start!) to discuss healing, entrepreneurship, creativity, relationships, intuition, our spiritual journeys, and the universe.

Apart from that, I continue investing myself in what I most hold dear. My epic novel is continuously in the making (I must have written more than 200,000 words by now!) and I’ve also branched out into writing season 1 of my TV show (as a visual person, it’s even more fun than writing a novel, I must say!). In the midst of all this global chaos, I’ve also received the inspiration and next steps for the business that comes after my entertainment company has solidified (it involves real estate). It makes me uber excited to play with the future NOW!

What is your answer to this question: do you need to ignore the news and current events in order to be happy? Do you feel called to engage on the front lines but your body and system won’t let you? Do you feel called to engage indirectly by focusing on your own healing and passions?

Whichever way your soul points to, they are all one hundred percent valid.

I hope this writing brought you clarity.

If you are ready for healing, you can purchase a full healing session or a half–hour taster.

So much love,

Cutting–Edge Energy Healer for the Spiritually Courageous

Ana “Cupid” Coeur is a powerful medical intuitive energy healer, energy surgeon, and spiritual teacher of divine love and beauty. From helping clients heal Covid-19, bipolar disorder, Epstein–Barr, fibromyalgia, cancer, blindness, to broken hearts, the #1 feedback received by clients is that Ana cuts through the mystery “spot on,” gets to the bottom of issues fast, and helps people get their life back. As a spiritual teacher, Ana heals clients through radical inner transformation and self-mastery so that they unlock destinies and expand into the dimensions of blissful, unconditional love. Ana also performs lightbody activations on clients so that they rapidly release blocks and realign to their divine nature. Click here to work with Ana

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