Years ago when I first learned about cutting energetic cords of attachment, you could say I was scissor happy. 🙂 Most people in our community by now have experienced cord–cutting. What some may not know yet is that cutting cords is only one aspect of clearing a relationship or an energy pattern from our lives.

Maybe this sounds familiar: we are emotionally affected by a certain relationship. We cut cords with that person. For a short while, we feel lighter and freer. And then the difficulties with that relationship continues. The negative feelings, the trauma, the back–and–forth dynamics, the triggering are all still there as if cord–cutting didn’t do a thing. What happened?

This I learned from experience: that cord–cutting severs certain energy communication channels between you and another, but there could be a whole bunch of other things which are still affecting you. Here’s a quick look–see on what those other things might be:

Energy Implants

Implants are just like what it sounds—a foreign object that’s been placed inside a person (like breast implants, if that visualization helps). I learned this from personal experience while healing narcissistic abuse. I found this person lodged implants into my solar plexus and they could inflict pain via those implants (think voodoo doll). It is no wonder I experienced random stomach spasms my whole life.

When implants are being removed, it can feel like pulling a foreign object out of the aura very slowly, like pulling apart melted cheese. Energy implants could also be done by extraterrestrials as well (which I’ve removed for myself and clients). They have same intent and usage: it’s an energy channel that allows one side to inflict a response from or control of the other person (again, think voodoo).

Subconscious fears & patterns

Even though a cord of attachment has been severed, the fears and patterns that spawned as a result of the difficult relationship is still here with us. They remain stored in our cells until it’s been processed, healed, or cleared. While they are being stored, they can manifest physically in whatever experience or illness is chosen by the higher self. You can think of the storage as the “aftermath,” if you will, of inner work still to be done after the cord is cut.

Past lives & fractal healing

To my knowledge and personal experience, cutting cords severs the energy dynamic between two people in this lifetime. But you and this other person likely have a plethora of past lifetimes with similarly negative energy dynamics (hence why the relationship remains so triggering in this lifetime).

Usually when a client is still being affected by a relationship post cord–cutting, I will work on the origin as well as the entire fractal of the relationship through all dimensions—past, present, and future. Think cord cutting for every lifetime you’ve had with this person including the ones in “future” lifetimes.

Fractal healing feels like taking out the first domino, hence all successive dominoes. Clients have told me this feels like they’re riding inside a vortex while leaning on their side!

Soul vows

As empathic and lightbearing souls, we likely agreed to serve other souls with great personal sacrifice. We might pledge to take on our parents’ or our ancestry’s life lessons, or at least help them through their growth by acting as a catalyst or a mirror (which would make an explosive and rocky relationship).

What we offer to do for other souls sounds so charitable and a good idea in theory before we are born. But once we’re in a body, we realize we’ve agreed to way more than we can handle. In healing, we clear these soul vows so we don’t feel so urged and obligated to help certain people—as if we can’t walk away from them.

One of the most freeing decisions that I make continually is to opt out of being another person’s catalyst or mirror. We experience this a lot with friendships and family members whereby our light, beauty, or success is painfully felt by people who compare themselves to us. Through comparison, they “use” us to learn about themselves. If we engage with these people on a regular basis and if they don’t yield to the growth in store, it can feel exhausting and tedious for us to hold up that mirror.

I opt for people to learn their life lessons on their own, rather than through me, freeing up my energy for myself. In other words, I opt out of soul contracts when I am not the one doing the learning.

Spells & curses

A person doesn’t need to know how to use candles or dark magic in order to put a spell or a curse on someone. A person consistently wishing ill will upon us will do. I’ve experienced the strong kind of spell where it blocked my ability to generate abundance as well as the severe kind where it tried to steer me into suicide. These are always clearable.

As for curses, this feels like a potent, concentrated form of damnation toward a person. It’s less about getting a person to react in a certain way (like spells) but more like a sentencing.

Here is where I learned from personal experience that every thought we have about another person is sent to them like email (energetic mail).

It would be easier to put a spell and a curse on a person that has porous energetic boundaries. Though spells are easy to clear, they are also easy for the other person to just do another spell on us. From personal experience, I learned that the most impenetrable way to seal ourselves off from spells is to rid ourselves of all fear.

A person who doesn’t have so much fear (as in, density) cannot hold the energy of a spell in their auras because there would be nothing sticky to latch onto. The spell would shoot in the direction of that person (if it even can), go through, and out into the abyss.


After letting go of someone, have you ever felt them trying to manifest you back into your life? This is what one aspect of interference feels like to me.

Interference feels like they are trying to override and interfere with our free will. You might feel negatively toward someone and have them blocked but suddenly you might feel this urge to get in touch with them and go back to them.

Interference always has to do with overwriting what you want with what they want. Interference comes from humans as well as extraterrestrials. I’ve cleared a lot of health issues for clients that come from alien interference.

Entity attachments

Even if we cut cords with a person, their “guides” might still be talking to us, and by guides, I mean their entity attachments. In healing myself, I’ve experienced that the other person’s entity attachments keep carrying out the task at hand—which is to latch back on to us so that the relationship has no resolution and never ends.

Shared DNA/ancestral patterns

Through healing myself, I’ve discovered shared DNA between me and the people I was healing myself from (parents) that were contributing to certain thought patterns and beliefs I had. Clearing them puts us back on a path of our own individuation, free from hindrances and interferences from others.


When we want a relationship to end, we hope that cutting cords will also cut away the physical relationship itself. But cord–cutting won’t accomplish that if there is still more to the dance between you and this person.

From my perspective as a healer, karma isn’t necessarily “payback” for what you did to the other person in past lifetimes and vice versa. To me, karma feels like a storybook or a memory bank. The memory of this person, this soul, and this dynamic lives within you still to be resolved.

What brings this relationship to resolution, most times, is when you have nothing more to learn and there’s no more pavement for the relationship to keep advancing. When there’s nothing more to resolve, nothing more to learn, and nothing more to create, the relationship naturally comes to an end.

We might end the relationship on a physical level even when there is still more karma to experience. I’ve been through that as well. We might work through the rest of it alone and on the energetic planes, or we might have to get back into physical contact to trigger the next round of healing. With whichever path presents itself, the higher self is in control here.

Energetic structures

New thingy I realized today: sometimes we aren’t clearing the energy itself but the structure of which they were being held. They’re the framework in which the energies are built on, sort of like the racks setup in vertical gardens and everything that’s grown adheres to those frameworks. It’s a way that energy is organized and band together and when dense enough, it manifests into physical illness.

The Unknown

It is almost too much to label every type of energy that lives in our field and my list isn’t exhaustive. The last category of energy on my list is simply called the Unknown.

I’ve gone far down the path of healing to the point where most of the things I’m healing now don’t seem to have any attached stories, people, or memories. In short, I don’t know what they nor how they got there but regardless, they need to be cleared.


Do you know about other energetic ways we are affected in relationships that I haven’t listed here? Depending on the significance and learning potential of the relationship, I see cord–cutting as step one out of many. If you are needing help moving a relationship or energy patterns out of your life, purchase a full healing session or a half–hour taster.

So much love,

Cutting–Edge Energy Healer for the Spiritually Courageous

Ana “Cupid” Coeur is a powerful medical intuitive energy healer, energy surgeon, and spiritual teacher of divine love and beauty. From helping clients heal Covid-19, bipolar disorder, Epstein–Barr, fibromyalgia, cancer, blindness, to broken hearts, the #1 feedback received by clients is that Ana cuts through the mystery “spot on,” gets to the bottom of issues fast, and helps people get their life back. As a spiritual teacher, Ana heals clients through radical inner transformation and self-mastery so that they unlock destinies and expand into the dimensions of blissful, unconditional love. Ana also performs lightbody activations on clients so that they rapidly release blocks and realign to their divine nature. Click here to work with Ana

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