Watching my dad battle cancer was one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. From what I could see, I feel that if my dad had a positive relationship with the universe, he might have chosen to live. I think.

My dad was quite religious. Blended with cultural beliefs and his being from the WWII generation, he didn’t know a thing about self–love nor worthiness. Money, status, and respect mattered most, and things like joy, love, play, and self–care were frivolous. As he viewed himself attracting cancer, he was convinced that his god was punishing him for not being good enough. He thought god hated him, so why would god ever help him live?

Our relationship with the universe is the relationship we have with ourselves and is paramount to the quality of life we experience. I’m talking about the internal quality of life, like whether we experience light and sublime energies within our inner landscape or whether we’re full of fear and density. Essentially, it’s whether we feel heaven or if we feel hell inside.

How we see the universe is how we construct our realities. For example, we might see ourselves as children and the universe is mom or dad. We think mom or dad will provide comfort and abundance and that they’re the givers of approval and permission. If we want to take a risk, we might think the universe won’t approve or that there is a crossroad between right vs. wrong.

We might see the universe like judges. If we are good, we reason, then the universe will award us with blessings. If we are grateful and practice daily gratitude, then we will be given even more because the internet said the universe favors grateful people (does it?). We might also think people who are rich, beautiful, and have it easy are loved more by god. We might think someone “up there” is always watching and evaluating our every move, then countermove, as if we are playing chess with Source. As in, if I do this, what will the universe respond with and do next?

Recently, someone told me they’re so serious about finding a romantic partner that they’re willing to go out on a bunch of dates with the wrong people just to “show” the universe they’re ready for love.

I challenged this person and said, couldn’t you “show” you’re serious about love by not going out with the wrong people?

This turned on a light for them. So as you can see, how we view the universe directly feeds into how we make our choices.

We might think the universe is our enemy. I used to not trust the universe at all because I thought it was an extension of my parents who were going to set me up to fail. Whenever the universe presented me with an opportunity, I thought it was tricking me only to watch me fall for it and laugh. With a relationship like this, there was no way I’d ever take a risk in life. I’d fail even before I began.

We may also see the universe as a protector and resign to its power and regard ourselves as powerless. When something horrible happens in the world, one of our first thoughts may be, “Where was god in this? Why didn’t god stop this?” We question why as powerful of a force as the “universe” is, why won’t it step in to stop or change certain events? Whatever reasoning we come up with, we begin to take things personally because if given the choice, we think we would never be passive bystanders…

But yet we are. World hunger exists because we’re passive and self–focused. Violence exists because each of us holds fear. It’s not “god”. It’s us.

We might see the universe as the decider of fate and destiny. Those who have done shadow work often come to understand that the families and circumstances they were born into were self–chosen. We also come to understand soul choice, alignment, divine time, and synchronicity when we look at what has panned out in our life vs. what didn’t, and that for sure, our higher selves were behind the wheel managing how all this unfolds. We understand that life boils down to a series of decisions. We also know that this lifetime is only a snapshot of the entire lifetime, and what didn’t happen in that last life or this life could happen later if we so choose.

We might also see the universe like Santa Claus, as in, whatever we put on a vision board will be given. We make a list and then the universe sees who’s naughty or nice. For most of us that have worked with a vision board and see the bigger picture, we know our mind/ego is only one aspect of ourselves that does the manifesting. It is actually our subconscious mind and soul contract/blueprint (and possibly DNA, which can be changed), I feel, that does the manifestation.

If we see the universe as Santa Claus or as a provider or an authority figure, we might slip into a reward vs. punishment perspective with the universe. We might think if we are good people, work hard, and do all the right things, then the universe will bestow us with abundance. But in our dualistic world, if there is reward, that means there must also be punishment. So on the flip side, when we don’t get that opportunity or that dream person, we assume we weren’t good enough and demand to know, “Well why can’t I have it? I’m entitled to everything.”

But the arrival, the departure, or the “failure” of blessings to show up has nothing to do with us being good or the universe being withholding or selective. It doesn’t sit there and go hmmm…he/she doesn’t deserve this and that today. It’s more about the energy and the soul contract. For example, if you and that person don’t have a contract to experience marriage in this lifetime, that is between you and them, and nothing to do with the universe denying someone love or happiness.

If we see the universe from a humanized aspect, we will surely misinterpret what our higher self is trying to tell our dualistic self and miss the bigger picture.

No one truly knows what the universe is made of on an infinite level. All we can go by are our personal experiences and interpretations. As we ascend, or rather, shift, our relationship with the universe takes on a more impersonal and integrated flavor.

When we begin the spiritual journey, we may see the universe as a guide, a friend, a parent, a caretaker, a protector, a punisher, and a provider. These are all valid and necessary viewpoints as we learn more about ourselves and our existence. It humanizes and rationalizes a force we don’t always comprehend and gives us a framework to see the benevolent qualities of life.

As we go deeper into our healing and spiritual understanding, we begin to see we are actually the universe itself. This is the Oneness that everyone talks about. Guides, angels, goddesses, ascended masters, and aliens aren’t entities that are “out there” but they are us. For that reason, prayer becomes an even more intimate expression because when we pray, we are essentially praying to ourselves. When I ask of the archangels or ascended masters of anything, I know I’m really just asking myself.

From this vantage point, our relationship with the universe is not really a relationship at all, because a relationship implies there is more than one party. This “relationship” or “connection” just feels more like me, myself, and I. As in, totality. No labels. No separation.

So…you want approval? You grant it. You want a wish come true? You take action or create it. You want more love? You feel more love within yourself. You want to get that opportunity? You go get it. You want to heal that illness? Done. You want that person to be yours? Done—because that person is already you, regardless of whether you have them physically or whether they reciprocate your love.

It’s not that you’re going about life all alone, isolated from the universe, doing it all with your bare hands, no. You are the universe. You are the angel you pray to. You are the guide or ascended master you take direction from. That ancestor you channel was you in a past life.

Power means putting yourself in the driver’s seat. When you function from your highest power, you do, think, feel, sense, and live completely differently than if you see yourself as a passenger, as a child, as separate, as lower, or as secondary.

It’s like…you see yourself as Source and you give yourself everything you need. If you desire to experience something, you feel it for yourself. If you don’t have it, you create it. If you can’t create it, then you create something else. That is power.

When you shift into this level, you’ll experience less praying and more deciding. Less questioning and more assertiveness. A lot of times, you’ll know what to do because your answer came before your question.

And then, there is a dimension beyond that. As we travel through Oneness and integration, we come upon the infinite nature of the universe, where Oneness is a thing and isn’t a thing. Where love is a thing and isn’t a thing. Where joy is a thing and isn’t a thing. This is the perspective that life is a video game, whereby it’s totally real and totally serious while you’re playing. But we can step back (like when I’m playing Sims or Mario or whatever) and realize none of it is real.

When we see none of this is real, we might think, well then why bother? Why bother going after our dreams, why bother standing up against injustice, and why bother trying to make more money? We may as well lay like a blob and let this life and all time just pass by.

But it is real…to an extent. Mario thinks his world his real. You know it isn’t. Yet you and Mario are One.

So…the entire quality of your existence and all the decisions you make rests on your perception of the universe. What kind of perception are you holding today? How are your beliefs creating your reality?

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So much love,

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Ana “Cupid” Coeur is a powerful medical intuitive energy healer, energy surgeon, and spiritual teacher of divine love and beauty. From helping clients heal Covid-19, bipolar disorder, Epstein–Barr, fibromyalgia, cancer, blindness, to broken hearts, the #1 feedback received by clients is that Ana cuts through the mystery “spot on,” gets to the bottom of issues fast, and helps people get their life back. As a spiritual teacher, Ana heals clients through radical inner transformation and self-mastery so that they unlock destinies and expand into the dimensions of blissful, unconditional love. Ana also performs lightbody activations on clients so that they rapidly release blocks and realign to their divine nature. Click here to work with Ana

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