Self–care. Does that remind you of taking care of your body, like taking long baths, eating well, and exercising? Or does it bring to mind setting boundaries with others or limiting your time spent doing things you don’t really love?

Admittedly, I used to be a lot more romantic with myself: like filling my apartment with flowers, taking those long baths, painting my nails, and eating dinner to sensual instrumental music (instead of stressful, dramatic, and loudmouthed YouTube videos). I find that when I’m focused on making money and creating (the masculine aspects of life), I stop romancing myself in the way that helps me ground into femininity and sensuality.

Soooo…that’s a reminder to me to come back into my femininity. This is where I feel most happy and at peace.

Self–care, to me, these days means experiencing physical financial abundance and making time and energy to work on things that will enable me to reap that abundance for the long haul. Another important aspect of self–care for me will always be energy healing and energy sensing. The more that I stay in tune with my inner landscape throughout the day via my senses, I discover that the less I need to ‘sit down’ to heal myself like before.

The way we take care of ourselves will evolve throughout the years. What we needed back then may not be what we need now and vice versa. For example, a few years ago I felt a great need to set boundaries and limit my time with certain people. Nowadays, I don’t have a need to set many boundaries as I enabled and allowed many relationships shift out of my life completely.

As I build my healing practice, I wondered if it was a no–no that I was healing clients on weekends, giving them email access to me after appointments, allowing all of the standard “boundaries” healers are advised to set up.

I thought, no, I’m good. People don’t drain me anymore. I’ve helped myself expand and open in such a way that people can’t “take” from me like they used to. As we anchor more into Source and the flow of life, we can give and be replenished in the same breath and not become drained by life.

Self–care is madness

In some ways, the idea of self–care is sort of insane because it implies that we are acting against our well–being.

Yes, we are creatures of free will where we have the option to self–sabotage. But if we have the free will of taking care of our body, mind, and spirit, and then opting not to, that is essentially a state of madness!

As humans expand into higher states of consciousness, duality–based concepts like self–care and self–love will be considered nonsense because who wouldn’t choose options that favor our well–being?

The more conscious we are, the less free will we actually have, because while we might have a buffet of choices in front of us, only one or two things will be oriented towards wellness. So, we don’t actually have an array to choose from as it appears. The only option will always be either love and/or consciousness.

On to you now: what do you consider to be self–care? Do you have to go about it intentionally or is it natural for you? Do you need to remind yourself to take care of yourself? Lemme know in the comments!

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So much love,

Cutting–Edge Energy Healer for the Spiritually Courageous

Ana “Cupid” Coeur is a powerful medical intuitive energy healer, energy surgeon, and spiritual teacher of divine love and beauty. From helping clients heal Covid-19, bipolar disorder, Epstein–Barr, fibromyalgia, cancer, blindness, to broken hearts, the #1 feedback received by clients is that Ana cuts through the mystery “spot on,” gets to the bottom of issues fast, and helps people get their life back. As a spiritual teacher, Ana heals clients through radical inner transformation and self-mastery so that they unlock destinies and expand into the dimensions of blissful, unconditional love. Ana also performs lightbody activations on clients so that they rapidly release blocks and realign to their divine nature. Click here to work with Ana

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