I used to tell people that we don’t need to heal our wounds—we can just flush them away as if flushing pain down a toilet! But then I realized that sometimes we cannot because there is a difference between healing vs. clearing.

When people ask me what clearing is, I often give them this analogy: imagine your refrigerator is stuffed to the gills with moldy, smelly, rancid food and other garbage. It’s so full that not only does it smell, there’s actually no more space in there for new food.

Clearing is exactly how it sounds: I equate it to taking out the bags of trash. Clearing is always about storage where we’ve accumulated a mass of unneeded or old energies, memories, beliefs and feelings. They really serve no purpose other than to take up storage space.

Many times, the things we store don’t belong to us either. We might have picked up energies from our ancestral lineage (common), scrolling through social media (very common), watching entertainment programming (very common and more insidious and lurking), or from hanging out with people who fling their personal energy around (usually this energy is very sticky with claws that hook into other people’s energies).

In that sense, clearing is easy because throwing out the trash is easy. Energies are often cleared in seconds or fewer.

Clearing is different from healing because healing feels more like mending something which has become separated. I don’t say broken because broken implies there is perfection, which there isn’t. I use the word separated because pain comes from feeling separate from love, joy, abundance, Source, peace, etc.

Healing is something that often doesn’t get cleared away in seconds or fewer—not because instantaneous healing doesn’t exist, because it does—but because healing usually involves learning a life lesson. Healing takes no time but learning a life lesson and fully integrating it and coming through to the other side does take multi layers of evolution, which takes time.

Imagine someone has a pattern of eating foods which they can’t digest. This food wrecks their digestion and the person ends up gaining weight or having physical pain. They hate themselves for the addiction and hate their body for gaining weight.

If this person were to clear the pattern, maybe the pain will be gone for a day. Maybe they will stop eating this particular food they can’t digest. They might have cleared the pattern, but they wouldn’t have cleared the root that contributed to the pattern in the first place: patterns of self–sabotage, for example, or they might unconsciously want to hoard extra weight to feel more insulated and protected. So, they might choose a different addiction to replace the one they just cleared.

It’s sort of like the mind always trying to find something to worry about. We might worry a ton about money. Then, when the money issue is resolved (maybe by making tons of it), the mind might find something else to worry about. Maybe it’s relationship paranoia next, such as worrying if their spouses are unfaithful to them or maybe they fear that now they have more money, they’ll lose it all.

Healing involves learning a life lesson and working through the entire ‘network’ of emotions, beliefs, and experiences, and mending which has been separated. The end of the healing usually involves an a–ha moment or an epiphany as well as an upgrade in consciousness.

This upgrade in consciousness comes with mending through the beliefs, feelings, and experiences that made the person feel separate from Love or Source. At the end of the healing, this person will feel more integrated with infinite love and wisdom and return to a purer and present state and closer to who they truly are as a soul.

Lightbody activations

We have now have access to a type of next–generation healing where we just press a button and certain memories, traumas, beliefs, and feelings are wiped out, along with an instant upgrade in consciousness.

This is something that I experience very often actually which I call lightbody activations. Other healers might experience this differently or call this by another name. But for me, lightbody activations are the instant clearing of all that is old and unwanted and which come with instant consciousness upgrades. It’s like deleting old files and upgrading the operating system in one fell swoop—within seconds or minutes.

But usually this initiates after a period of releasing pain and resistance and reaching a certain stability in the auric field. I don’t press a ‘delete’ button until the angels and ascended masters have already prepared my or my clients’ energies for the old to be wiped out. This is how I’ve been able to help my clients clear very longstanding physical diseases in just a few minutes.

Inner work will be a mixture of clearing and healing. Sometimes you might clear layers on the surface, then heal through the layers toward the center and the bottom. Other times, it may be the reverse. Our energetic makeup is a combination of overstuffed refrigerators filled with old rubbish, plus wirings which have created a feeling of separation from Source.

So how this is done is: old energies are dissolved (cleared). Wirings are mended (healed).

Soul contracts

Healing doesn’t always have a shortcut because our soul wants us to work through all the connected areas. For example, someone who experiences chronic migraines couldn’t just clear the migraine experience itself. They might have to work through what contributed to the migraines in the first place, such as childhood traumas or the ability to allow oneself to relax or overworrying about the future. In order to heal through migraines, maybe this person will have to overhaul their relationship with themselves and with Source to be migraine–free.

Souls will not miss such a grand opportunity for it to evolve, and as such, physical illnesses are often a spiritual ‘gift’ so to speak because it’s a gateway toward expanded consciousness. Some souls choose to carry chronic or complex physical diseases in their lifetime because it’s part of their soul contract—either for their own evolution or for the evolution of the people taking care of them. Our souls will go very far to be in service to others and to Love. It will take on debilitating diseases just so family members can grow their souls through learning and feeling Oneness with Source again.

I say ‘feeling’ Oneness because we are always One with Oneness but we may not always be aware of it.

This is why healing is so beautiful and can’t be rushed, and I’m the one always looking for faster, easier, and clever ways to do anything! In my experience, healing itself takes no time at all. It’s working through the resistance to healing that takes time, and also having all systems of our being work through the density of certain energetic material that takes time.

I hope this brings you clarity. If you are ready for healing, you can purchase a full healing session or a half–hour taster.

So much love,

Cutting–Edge Energy Healer for the Spiritually Courageous

Ana “Cupid” Coeur is a powerful medical intuitive energy healer, energy surgeon, and spiritual teacher of divine love and beauty. From helping clients heal Covid-19, bipolar disorder, Epstein–Barr, fibromyalgia, cancer, blindness, to broken hearts, the #1 feedback received by clients is that Ana cuts through the mystery “spot on,” gets to the bottom of issues fast, and helps people get their life back. As a spiritual teacher, Ana heals clients through radical inner transformation and self-mastery so that they unlock destinies and expand into the dimensions of blissful, unconditional love. Ana also performs lightbody activations on clients so that they rapidly release blocks and realign to their divine nature. Click here to work with Ana

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