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Destiny Unlock: DNA & Lightbody Activation for Balance, Love & Abundance


Private healing sessions for revitalizing underactive chakras, organs and body systems with DNA purification and activation and quantum leap upgrades with activation of the electromagnetic lightbody. Learn more

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We were all born with a human energy system that has, within it, built–in capacity for further development and potential. Residing with us is genetic material that lays dormant until we activate it, bringing us increased gifts, optimized body functioning, vibrant flow, a clear energetic field, heightened intuition and a deepened sense of psychic perception.

Lightbody infusions will also be performed (according to Divine Timing and your what your soul is requesting).In this private healing program, we will work on purifying and activating any underactive chakras, organs, meridians, psychic or body systems by use of DNA purification and activation codes. We will also activate the lightbody as requested by your soul.

Some of these DNA & lightbody activations (in accordance with your higher self) will be performed in sacred sites around the world or in other dimensions or ancient civilizations. Examples of sacred sites and ancient civilizations include Stonehenge, Pyramid of Giza, Atlantis or Lemuria. I facilitate clients to travel to these sites via the use of my MerKaBa. Lightbody activations performed within a sacred site or ancient civilization enable you to be encoded with healing frequencies, light codes, healing technology, DNA activations, and ancient wisdom, and to be infused with sacred geometry, light and sound propelling multiple layers of your body toward instant purification.

Destiny Unlock DNA & Lightbody Activation will be used in every healing program as needed or can be a standalone program for anyone who wishes to focus specifically and extensively on health issues.

Some of the things that we clear and heal include:

• The seven main chakras
• Underground, upper and secondary chakras
• The master glands (pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenal and sexual glands)
• Inheriting ancestral memories and blocks
• Implants in the DNA or the astral or etheric bodies
• Alien parasites
• Reboot or rebalance the energies within the major body systems, such as the nervous system, endocrine system or digestive system
• Clear past lives, imprints, cords and vows
• Microbiome activation

Depending on your needs, lightbody activations often consists of:

• Infusing light
• Infusing sacred geometry
• Infusing color codes
• Infusing sound codes
• Infusing crystal frequency technology
• Grounding and integration of lightbody into awareness
• Alignment to Christ consciousness
• Awakening and remembrance of soul purpose
• Instant activation of Christ love and unconditional love
• Resetting of frequencies connecting you straight into the core of the universe
• Integration and remembrance of unconditional love
• Rapid unwinding and instant purging of fears and blocks

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