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Sacred Inner Union: Journey to Self–Love


Private healing sessions for unblocking true love with self and others, self–care, blissfulness, and nirvana from within. Suitable for twin flames. Learn more

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When a woman steps fully into her sensuality, an extraordinary transmutation happens: she finds herself in utter blissfulness and adoration of her world, where the act of breathing itself becomes a romantic affair with life (quoting Sadhguru).

This is the journey of feeling like the most beautiful woman in the room—which is a sense of feeling bursting with aliveness, sensuality and a tickling blissfulness. In this private healing program, you will cultivate true divine love within yourself and prepare yourself to experience relationships that are without condition, strings attached, or co–dependency.

With this level of deep security within yourself, you will be free to explore all kinds of healthy relationships without fear of having your heart broken or your power compromised. Maintaining healthy boundaries will feel effortless and there will be a greater sense of ease and joy as you move about in the world due to feeling trusting of yourself, powerful, confident, and in love.

We will also clear and heal all of the blocks that prevent you from:

• Being your own source of love
• Connecting to divine love
• Sensuality, elegance and embodying the feminine energy
• Seeing yourself with eyes of love
• Ability to provide yourself with pleasure and enjoy pleasure
• Falling in love with yourself
• Inner sexiness / Soul sexiness
• Trusting your femininity (healing fear of femininity)
• Trusting your sexuality (fear of sexuality)

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