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My Little Starseed: Spiritual & Emotional Healing for Old Souls in Tiny Bodies


Private healing sessions for helping small Starseed children to reacclimate to being on Earth in a body, adapt to new life and surroundings, reconcile their feelings around their soul mission, heal homesickness and strengthen soul intimacy with parents. Learn more

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So many lessons are given to a child in the first few years of their life. Not only do they need to learn how to walk, talk, trust, and adjust to their surroundings, but there are additional lessons and circumstances that young starseed children need to be accustomed to.

I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with a few starseed children and toddlers where their mothers recognized that there was something special about them that they couldn’t quite connect to or put their finger on. Starseed children will have added quirks, interesting behavior, have resistance about doing ‘normal’ things humans do, may have a difficult time being a child, and may struggle with seemingly natural bodily functions.

In my experience, these young children and toddlers experience difficulty adapting to being in a body or returning to Earth, or are over–identifying with their past lives or soul missions—so much so that they live in confusion but yet don’t have the language to express themselves. Frustration, anger and disconnection might be their ways of coping, and it leaves parents wondering what is going on and how they can help.

In this private healing program, I work with the mom or dad and then connect to your little starseed’s energy. I help your child or toddler to acclimate him/herself into this current body and life, release any attachments to their past lives, and help them feel safer, at ease, and at peace with their current soul mission. The healing aims to alleviate their inner confusion and turmoil, and to restore a sense of security, wonder, and play to their lives—so that they are able to enjoy unfolding and creating themselves and to feel inspired to be the creative geniuses they came here to be.

In short, the healing aims to help them feel safe to be little and to be themselves. We work through all layers (as appropriate) of their aura, making this not only about emotional healing for their day–to–day life and relationships, but for their overall spiritual health and relationships with themselves and with the universe.

We will clear and heal these blocks and fears within your little starseed:

• Fear of being a child
• Fear of elimination, bathing or washing
• Feeling unsafe within the world’s chaotic or scary energies
• Fear of sleeping or relaxing
• Resistance to play
• Fear of physical touch with parents
• Overidentification with who they were in past lives
• Resistance to accepting or liking themselves as they are now
• Resistance to adventure
• Fear of trusting life
• Fear of trusting the universe
• Fear of trusting their bodies
• Fear of self–expression
• Fear of being oneself
• Fear of vulnerability and getting hurt
• Fear of loss or abandonment
• Disconnection from the world, familly, or friends
• Homesickness for their star system home
• Existential loneliness or longing for something that can’t be seen
• Nightmares
• Sensitivity to negative spirits and inheriting negative programming from them