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Call to Power: Inner Queen & Divine Masculine Activation & Rebalance


Private healing sessions for activating your inner queen and Divine Masculine. For inner power and strength, manifestation, success, creative courage, confidence, handling relationships, and balancing action with feminine receiving. Learn more

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Are you confused about what it means to be feminine and how exactly to be feminine while standing up for yourself, going after what you want and making your dreams come true? We are having to rediscover how to be feminine in a world that is predominantly masculine and is driven by taking actions and aggressive behavior.

Your inner queen is your divine masculine energy. The queen is the part of you that knows how to ‘adult’ in life: make money, pay bills, take vitamins, exercise, run a business, and do laundry, to name a few. Many women have a difficult time adulting in their lives or feel dread or resentment in having to do so because their inner queen is imbalanced or underactive. We may even marry spouses who also don’t embody the divine masculine energy (who are still relating to us from their inner child) and become resentful of them for not being the divine masculine that we ought to be ourselves first.

There is also the issue of balancing taking action vs. receiving and being passive and surrendered. How do you know what to be and when and in what situations?

In this private healing program, we work on clearing all of the debris that holds you back from being a powerful, confident queen in all aspects of your life, whether that may be around health, relationships, making decisions, or money. We will also heal any distortions and blocks that you may have around the concept of power, value, and esteem, such as charging money for your services or speaking your truth. After dismantling the old self–esteem system, we will build a new energy system that sources your power and confidence from the divine.

Fears and distortions we may also heal and clear include:

• Fear of femininity
• Unnatural displays of overt masculinity
• Fear of power
• Fear of self–care
• Fear that no one will take care of you
• Distortions around the meaning of power
• Have power but not connected to it
• Feeling unsafe to be a queen
• Fear of money
• Feelings of lack
• Fear of abundance
• Fear of manifestation
• Fear of success
• Fear of grounding
• Chasing after money and fame and inauthenticity

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