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Sacred Love Union: Marriage Repair & Recovery


Private healing sessions for rebuilding trust, realigning back to love and harmony, dissolving conflict, realigning values. Learn more

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When two people are in conflict with each other, the underlying reason often has nothing to do with the conflict itself or with the other partner but within ourselves.

Marriage therapy programs involve the spouse repeatedly verbalizing the problems and recounting their partner’s behavior. The counselor will then diagnose the problem and recommend action steps which the couple has to implement—forcing new, awkward and unnatural habits.

However, all relationship conflicts begin at the level of our own energy. Change also begins at the level of energy, not at the level of action or even mental understanding.

This unique healing program is designed to help lovers to realign back into a state of peace, flow and harmony within themselves and with each other. I work with lovers both individually and together. We dive into what’s bothering you (and them) to release and resolve underlying tensions, conflict, anger, frustration, jealousy, rate, resentment, bitterness, injustice, exasperation, loneliness, sadness, past life memories, childhood programming, or any other energetic tensions that are preventing love and compassion from flowing naturally within and between you.

There is a common belief that relationships take a lot of work, but my belief is that this work isn’t with each other—the work is within ourselves. We aren’t seeking to simply understand your own behavior or your partner’s behavior. We are seeking to release the underlying energies that contributed to this behavior in the first place, so that the harmony between you is effortless—not a to–do or a relationship goal to achieve.

The result is a sense of union within yourself and also with your partner and a renewal of why you came together in the first place. There will be an increased level of compassion and spiritual understanding of yourself and your partner. You will be able to learn from each other and grow together.

Here are some of the things we will clear and heal:

• Inner child wounding or childhood programming or childhood memories
• Fear of commitment or intimacy
• Expectations from ourselves and from others
• Feelings of regret
• Feelings of loneliness or not being seen and heard
• Conflict, tension, arguments, disharmony and stress
• Differences in values between you
• Feelings of lack of appreciation or respect or feeling dismissed
• Feeling of being used
• Lack or rejection of sexual intimacy
• Feelings of criticism and judgement
• Resistance with forgiving or inability to forgive
• Feelings of drifting apart and not being on the same page or wavelength
• Lack of acceptance of yourself and your partner
• Cultural expectations
• Performance and traditional role expectations
• Facing addictions
• Difficulty and conflict with the partner’s family members or with your own children
• Negative speech tone, such as passive aggressiveness
• Inability to ask for what you want and need
• Accepting or expecting abuse, narcissistic behavior, or gaslighting
• Outgrowing your partner mentally, emotionally or spiritually and next steps
• Falling out of love with your partner and next steps

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