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6 Impossible Things: Fears & Beliefs Subconscious Reprogramming


Private healing sessions for transforming negative beliefs into positive beliefs, releasing past life conditioning, removing connections to mass consciousness, reprogramming the subconscious thought patterns, cultivating the success mindset. Learn more

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Subconscious beliefs, unhealthy as they are, didn’t get into our minds by accident: they were programmed into the deepest parts of our psyche from a young age or from our past lives through our relationships, conditioning, mass consciousness, and experiences. The good news is that if they were programmed into our psyche (and they are), it means it can also be deprogrammed or reprogrammed.

So many of our beliefs block us from going after what we love or what makes us happy. We may not even notice these beliefs because they will blip onto our consciousness for shorter than a second, too quick for us to catch, and soon, they may establish as set patterns that will become rigid or spill over onto other limiting beliefs, creating a whole template that contributes toward unhappiness or dis–ease.

In this private healing program, we will work on excavating all of the negative, unhealthy, limited or outdated beliefs that you carry which are hindering you from more joy, love, abundance and power. One by one, we will reprogram your subconscious mind with cherry–picked beliefs which do serve your soul purpose and toward love and joy. When cleared of the beliefs which limit and sabotage you, you may, each day, adopt an attitude of doing six impossible things before breakfast!

For example, a belief of “there is never enough” will be replaced at the subconscious level with the belief of “I am already abundant.” This is different from saying affirmations because affirmations only trigger the polarity within your mind (if you have a negative belief, saying affirmations triggers the truth of how you feel, which is often the opposite of what you are affirming).

In our work, we will energetically release the underlying thought and replace it with positivity so that there is no conflict between what you truly feel vs. what you would like to feel. The positive belief you have programmed will become your default programming.

Sample negative beliefs that can be turned positive include:

• “I am not safe” to “I am safe”
• “I am not good enough” to “I am whole, beautiful and worthy”
• “I will never be beautiful” to “I am a goddess”
• “I am a failure” to “I trust in my power to succeed”
• “I am unwanted” to “I am loved”
• “No one respects me” to “I am worthy”
• “I am weak” to “My body is strong”
• “There is never enough” to “I will always be provided for”
• “No one ever listens to me” to “The sound of my voice is beautiful”
• “Life is hard” to “I am thankful for me”
• “There is never enough time” to “I am safe to relax”
• “Love is hard to find” to “I love myself”
• “He's going to cheat on me” to “I trust myself to know what's good for me”
• “No one likes me” to “I adore myself”
• “I have to give to receive” to “I feel safe to receive”
• “I am guilty” to “I love myself unconditionally”

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