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Return to Innocence: Healing the Inner Child


Private healing sessions for healing the inner child and restoring inner child joy, peace and wonder. Learn more

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When life feels lackluster and your spirit feels robbed of magic and joy, it is because the inner child has lost its place in your world. Our inner child is the seat of creativity: it is the intuitive, experimental and boundless part of us that knows no limitations and dreams of realities that stretch beyond what our rational minds may deem impossible or unrealistic.

While not every fantasy can be materially realized, what’s important is that we maintain our connection to our inner child and allow it to come out and play and have a role in our lives. Entrepreneurs who experience creative or financial blocks or who have lost their sense of who they are will find success and harmony rooted in a healthy connection to their inner child.

In this private healing program, we will restore your connection to your inner child and help it to feel safe in the world. We will also clear traumatic childhood memories and rebalance any distortions that your inner child has regarding the early years and your current life. Through intuition and clearing, we will also tap into your inner child’s voice: messages she/he wants you to know and guidance on how to build and maintain trust with him/her so that there is an inner harmony flowing within you.

Our energy work includes helping you to:

• Be your own mother and father (self–parent)
• Be your own daughter or son

During our sessions, we will clear and heal your core wounds including:

• The wounded child
• Abandonment and the fear of
• Shame
• Sense of worthlessness and uselessness
• Self–hate
• Feelings of insecurity
• Feelings of loneliness & isolation
• Establishing firm and healthy boundaries
• Fear of rejection
• Fear of creativity
• Denying your feelings
• Lack of sense of belonging
• Defensiveness, building up a wall, and not letting down your guard when appropriate
• Fear of poverty & homelessness
• Fear of loss
• Fear of the world
• Fear of visibility
• Fear of letting go or relaxing
• Unwillingness to forgive the self and others
• Fear of being a burden or asking for help
• Denial of food, love and attention
• Feelings of sadness, loneliness & homesickness
• Feelings of insignificance
• Feelings related to childhood memories, trauma and abuse
• Post traumatic stress from narcissistic or abusive relationships
• Umbilical cord healing
• Birth healing
• Fetal healing
• Chiron wound

Children victims of sex trafficking are eligible to receive free healing sessions. Please contact me to get started.

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