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Ana Coeur is a healer, energy surgeon, and a soul contract attorney with clients all over the world who need help with mysterious health issues.

After years of being healed by others because she was convinced she had no ability, the universe gave Ana a big push in 2020 to activate her healing abilities. She did, and opened her healing practice to raving reviews. Since then, she has been a pioneering healer of issues unique to Starseeds and Lightworkers.

Ana specializes in issues that are unexplainable, chronic, defies logic, won’t go away, has no plausible origin, cannot be “cured”, baffles doctors, needs medication to manage but not heal, doesn’t match any traditional diagnosis, or does not show up in test results.

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“Pick an issue and watch it dissolve. Ana’s healing technique is like no other I have experienced.” —K.A.

• Alien/E.T. interference and possession
• Archon removal
• Ascension blocks and symptoms
• Bipolar disorder
• Black magic
• Cancer
• Chakra blockage
• Chronic fatigue disorder
• Cord and energetic implant removal
• Demonic possession
• DNA repair, upgrade, & activation
• Epstein–Barr
• Fibromyalgia
• Financial blocks
• Fractal healing
• Holographic purification
• Lightbody activation
• MerKaBa travel
• Narcissistic abuse
• Past life healing/timeline collapse
• Reptilian/dark force interference
• Schizophrenia
• Sex magic activation
• Soul contract negotiation/mediation with E.T. and dark forces
• Spiritual and energy attacks

Energy healing, 5D ascension, spiritual and intuitive development, E.T. interference, Reptilian/dark force spiritual attacks, love and relationships, healing from trauma or narcissistic abuse, how energy & healing works, activating gifts, life purpose, soul agreements

• How do I heal and help myself?
• Myths around healing
• How do I find out what’s wrong with my health?
• How do I know if I’m being interfered with?
• Signs you’re living in 5D and how to get there
• How do I create a life I love / manifest?
• How do I deal with negative people?
• How do I heal from narcissistic abuse?
• How do I love myself?
• How do I intuitively connect to the Divine?

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“Few people have the abilities that Ana has...a high–level healer.” —W.K.Y.