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Goddess Rising: Divine Feminine Activation & Transformation


Private healing sessions for a divinely–guided, Heaven–on–Earth Divine Feminine transformation, ascension and manifestation. Learn more

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You may already know how to manifest money and the things you want in life, but here is the ultimate: do you know how to unfold yourself into the real and infinite you? Many of us operate from a very limited version of ourselves: we may only know ourselves as mother, wife, sister, daughter, business owner, creator, supporter, friend, and the like. However, there is an infinite part of your being that wishes to experience full activation in your life: she is the Goddess.

The Goddess isn’t what pop culture markets it to be—it isn’t about wearing high heels or lipstick, taking bubble baths, or using crystals. The essence about the Goddess is learning how to be God itself and aligning oneself to a vast creative and birthing power that we normally only associate with the chosen or with the supernatural. A goddess isn’t just equal to god; a goddess is god itself.

When a woman steps fully into her goddess power, an extraordinary transmutation happens: she finds herself in utter blissfulness and adoration of her world, where the act of breathing itself becomes a romantic affair with life (quoting Sadhguru). This blissfulness is not contingent upon anything: not about the state of her health, relationships, love, fear, finances, status, looks, thoughts, haves and have nots. This deep sense of peace, joy and harmony comes from being in absolute communion with the divine and reaching a state of having very few to no opposing thoughts. This deep serenity and inner union is untouchable by any outside circumstances and even by her own emotional fluctuations. This gives her great power to birth, magnetize, and run her world with grace—because of blissfulness.

This private healing program is a very sacred, intimate and profound journey to discover, know and activate your inner goddess. You may already feel a connection to a particular goddess or you may opt to design the goddess that you wish to be. We will clear any distortions you may have about the universe and resolve blocks around trusting the divine, having faith, and surrendering to divine timing. We also heal and clear feelings of powerlessness, traumas around patriarchal experiences, and childhood fears and religious conditioning that have shaped how you perceive the divine.

Some fears and distortions we may heal and clear include:

• Fear of femininity
• Fear of soul purpose
• Feeling unsafe to be a Goddess
• Fear of sensuality, elegance and embodying the goddess energy
• Distrust of the universe
• Fear of surrendering
• Fear of letting go
• Prone to being impatient
• Fear of flowing with the current of life
• Feeling unsafe entering the unknown
• Controlling life, controlling what happens to you and trying to control timing
• Fear of growth
• Fear of divine connection
• Fear of intuition
• Fear of divine timing
• Fear of power
• Fear of powerlessness
• Fear of spiritual sexual power

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